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Youth Board

The KVLC Youth Board is a scholarship program that offers students of Leon County, Florida a hands-on opportunity to learn about local and state government. The students participate in a wide range of events constructed to promote knowledge of the elections process and responsibilities of our elected officials. They also help the local board of KVLC promote and educate the citizens of Leon County, Florida about the Kids Voting program.

The KVLC Youth Board is open to all high school students in Leon County. This includes private, public, charter, and alternative schools. An open invitation is sent to all Leon County students via civics teachers at the beginning of each school year. Participation is strictly voluntary and no one may be excluded for any reason.

Scholarship(s) are awarded at the end of the school year to the student(s) who has earned the most points. Points are earned by participating in events such as hosting candidate debates or public forums for candidates, creating promotional tools to inform citizens of the Kids Voting program, fundraising events for future scholarship funds, participating in information gathering for potential debate topics.

For more information on the Youth Board, please contact To become a Youth Board Member, please complete the Youth Board Member Application and submit it to




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