Only So Many Days Until Election Day


Teacher Resources

Kids Voting USA Classroom Activities are designed to facilitate teachers in addressing civic learning objectives, especially those that relate to voting and elections.­ The resources that will be made available on this website are comprised of engaging activities that foster group discussion and the use of critical thinking skills.­ This site will make available resources from the Kids Voting USA Classroom Activities for K-8 and 9-12.

The goals of Kids Voting USA classroom activities are for students to:

  • Cultivate information-gathering and decision-making skills
  • Develop high-order thinking skills
  • Develop empathy towards others
  • Gain a knowledge and appreciation of suffrage, democracy, citizenship, and elections
  • Understand and participate in the direct voting process.


Kindergarten - Second Grade

Third Grade - Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade - Twelfth Grade (Intermediate)


Kids Voting USA Family Activity Booklets


Election Day School Register­

2022 Sample KVLC Ballot




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