Only So Many Days Until Election Day


2020 Kids Voting Election Results

Showing results for School of Arts and Sciences at The Centre.

School of Arts and Sciences at The Centre cast a total of 113 ballots.

There were a total of 10,367 ballots cast.

President and Vice President

Donald J. Trump / Michael R. Pence (REP) 10
Joeseph R. Biden / Kamala D. Harris (DEM)   WINNER 94
Jo Jorgensen / Jeremy “Spike” Cohen (LPF) 5
Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente / Darcy G. Richardson (REF) 2
Howie Hawkins / Angela Nicole Walker (GRE) 1

Representative in Congress District 5

Gary Adler (REP) 15
Al Lawson (DEM)   WINNER 89

State Senator District 3

Marva Harris Preston (REP) 34
Loranne Ausley (DEM)   WINNER 70

State Representative District 9

Jim Kallinger (REP) 21
Allison Tant (DEM)   WINNER 80

Board of County Commissioers At Large, Group 1

Carolyn Cummings   WINNER 50
Kelly Otte 47

Board of County Commissioners District 4

Bryan Desloge 42
Brian Welch   WINNER 53

City Commisioner Seat 2

Curtis Richardson   WINNER 66
Bill Schack 29

Circuit Judge 2nd Judicial Circuit, Group 4

Tiffany Baker   WINNER 71
Amanda P. Wall 27

No. 2 Constitutional Amendment, Article X, Section 24: Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage

Yes   WINNER 76
No 20




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